How can you write an impressive literature review?

Whenever you're assigned a particular task, what does your professor always tell you about research? Simple! You're always instructed to cite scholarly sources. Right? It's because they are written after heavy research by astonishing writers who marvelously collect pieces of books, movies, poems or any particular thing, to write details and a comprehensive review.

Similarly, writing a literature review means more, more and more reading and weighty research. Students often find it hard to write a literature review just because they lack confidence that they are not going to write it in the correct way. They even lack confidence in writing a simple argumentative essay.

Are you that student too? Do you want to take your professor's breath away with your breathtaking literature review but don't have any idea how you're going to do that? Yes? Dive in the article below that folds the curtains away from the secrets of writing excellent literature review:

What literature review really is?First things first, you need to know what exactly you're into.Remember a literature review is so much more than a scholarly article. It is an overview of sources and major writings on a particular topic.

Sources that will cover up your review may include books, websites, government reports and scholarly journal articles, etc. Keep that in mind; your literature review delivers summary, description, and evaluation of every source you're going to use. An annotated bibliography serves best to provide details of each and every source with accuracy.

In addition, it is used as a distinctive part of a graduate dissertation or thesis. What is the purpose of a literature review? Before you go any further, you need to know what the purpose of your literature review is. Remember, it is all about providing a critical written description of the existing state of the research on a chosen topic.

How to evaluate sources? Always remember you should give consideration to the following in accessing each source:

  1. What is the expertise of the author in a specific field of study? Or the particular area that you have selected for a review is written by an expert or not?

  2. Are the arguments of the author are supported by empirical evidence? Or the author has done quantitative and qualitative research for literature?

  3. Is the perspective of the author biased in a single direction or the author is also considering opposing studies and viewpoints? Or author is objective in writing or not?

Does the source that has been selected aids to the more weighty understanding of the particular subject?

Writing a literature review sure is a tricky task to accomplish and just like an unleashed monster. Once you learn how to tackle this monster, it will bow down on its knees, and you'll start having fun in writing it.

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